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Need help with growing your business online but don’t have the budget of a small third-world nation? You are in the right place. I’m a web developer and internet marketing consultant with 17 years experience, and I empower small business owners to build an online presence.

You know you need to get your business in front of more people online. You’ve already got your cheap or free website (Wix, Squarespace etc) , it looks professional but it just isn’t bringing in the amount of new business you need.

You’ve got your Social Media accounts but you know that you could be working them better. You have a growing list of followers but you need to convert more of them into loyal, paying customers. Maybe you are working your butt off on lots of different channels but you aren’t getting clear feedback about what is working.

You need an expert free audit of your online marketing assets and channels. You need to learn how to do online (and offline) marketing like a boss, so you can widen your reach.