Katoomba Creative is a web development and digital/internet marketing consultancy offering complete services from branding to SEO and web analytics.

Here are some highlights of what we can do for you:

WordPress Websites

Whatever the kind of website you need, it can be built in WordPress. Whatever you want to do with it, you can do. We build websites that can scale with your business and meet your needs from start-up phase to your IPO.

Search engine optimisation

Paying for advertising online is like renting a house. Doing search engine optimisation and getting organic, free traffic is like owning your own home. It can pay big dividends in saved advertising cost. The average cost of Google Ad words has quadrupled since the service was launched. Google knows which words and key phrases are exact and close matches for the searches people make – and they charge a massive premium for them.

Google Adwords has its place, and Katoomba Creative sets up and runs campaigns for our clients for specific products. Google has made changes in their algorithm to try and push more businesses into Adwords, and we enable our clients use Adwords strategically. It is a useful channel for new products, new businesses and research.

SEO done properly both saves businesses money and works better in the long term, with fewer people clicking on ads and more people clicking on “organic” search results.

Copy writing & content creation

Compelling, well written content can make the difference between a visitor and a converted customer. Its also essential for ranking well in search engines and getting free exposure. Katoomba Creative has been writing search optimised marketing copy for 17 years. Just quietly……(our clients have made a lot of money).

Branding & art direction

Katoomba Creative works with new businesses to create unique branding which will communicate your mission. We can assist you with every aspect of your branding, from finding the perfect name, tagline, domains, social handles and creating a mood board.

We work with skilled designers to ensure that your branding is ready for every channel and media, online and offline. Leigh Canny has also developed branding concepts for existing businesses wanting a fresh look, where the existing branding no longer represents your business now.