49 Waratah Avenue
New South Wales 2780

Invoice Number INV-00062069CAN
Invoice Date March 30, 2021
Due Date April 6, 2021
Total Due $266.25

The Ocean

1. Set up DNS Hosting account for - Enable management of additional domains to be used by Sarah Lawton
2. Point domain name servers at name cheap to hosting server (serverhostgroup)
3. Create G-Suite account for
4. Start verification for domain ownership by adding TXT record to DNS Zone for domain
5. Concatenate TXT record to save record in DNS zone
6. Test TXT record propagation with DNS report and Dig Tool
7. Add Google MX Records to DNS zone
8. Validate MX entries with Workspace Admin Console & MX toolbox
9. Configure security settings
10. Set up custom domain for services in Workspace Admin Console - and add CNAME records to DNS

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
2.75 G-Suite set up for - Primary account

Set up configuration as listed above.

1 DNS Hosting account - Required for Google Workspace MX & DNS records

DNS & MX hosting account to enable set up of Google Workspace with (Annual fee)
Will also enable custom domain to point to Shopify when store is ready.
DNS hosting at $5 per month from 9th Feb 2021 - 9th Feb 2022

Sub Total $266.25
No GST $0.00
Total Due $266.25
  • Account name: Leigh Canny
  • BSB: 082-656
  • Account No: 73-322-1118