49 Waratah Avenue
New South Wales 2780

Invoice Number INV-00062032CAN
Invoice Date April 23, 2020
Due Date April 30, 2020
Total Due $100.00
Direct Clutch

1. Unplublish Slider Clutch Category page in Joomla K2 Catalogue - Check update on front-end
2. Attempt redirect on Slider Clutch category page in cPanel to 8” Billet Clutch page
3. cPanel redirect tested - Manual coding required
4. Back up .htaccess file before editing
5. Manually coding the .htaccess file to create a permanent (303) redirect from the Slider Clutch category page to 8”Billet Category page
6. Manual coding of the .htaccess file to force www and prevent access from non www version of the domain - Google Analytics running on - Need for Google Analytics
7. Coding .htaccess to force https:// on all pages > Current recommendation from Google that all websites now use SSL for all pages - required update for Google

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Updates, maintenance and security work as detailed above $100.00$100.00
Sub Total $100.00
No GST $0.00
Total Due $100.00
  • Account name: Leigh Canny
  • BSB: 082-656
  • Account No: 73-322-1118