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Invoice Number INV-00062054CAN
Invoice Date September 18, 2020
Due Date September 25, 2020
Total Due $845.00
Native Spirit Breathwork

The Mall, Leura

All work completed on the website not included in original quotation. Does not included any hours / work completed during the retreat week.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
7 Hours - Transcribing and structuring (to fit with Level 1 Online Program outline)
4.5 Install & configure Learn Dash - for Mentorship & Level 1 Online Course

Set up Course pages, test in responsive theme. Configure Learn Dash settings.

4 Configure shop for all types of Products to be sold - Add products - Test Cart Process on all devices and browsers for all product types

Shop configured for any number of product categories to be added, new shop page created, virtual/downloadable products enabled and fully tested on all devices & browsers. Audio Category added with custom graphic, audio files added to shop. Customised and tested email notifications for Order Confirmation for Pay Pal and Bank Transfer. Checked Download links working for all devices and browsers.
Added custom shop page with Product Categories formatted for desktop, mobile & tablet (Tested)
Custom styling of products and cart (custom CSS)

3.0 Essential Wordpress updates to Wordpress Core and all plugins. Testing and troubleshooting upgrades to plugins

Essential Wordpress updates to Wordpress Core and all plugins with backups made & all tested. Major upgrade to Wordpress from 4.2 to 5.1 with upgrades to the responsive theme.

4.0 Meetings to finalise Mentorship and Level 1 Online Course Curriculum $35.00$140.00
Sub Total $845.00
No GST $0.00
Total Due $845.00
  • Account name: Leigh Canny
  • BSB: 082-656
  • Account No: 73-322-1118