49 Waratah Avenue
New South Wales 2780

Invoice Number INV-00062072CAN
Invoice Date March 31, 2021
Due Date April 7, 2021
Total Due $150.00
Grey Area Sound

Dunmore Street
Katoomba NSW 2780

Essential security and core updates for Wordpress and all plugins:
1. Delete all old spam comments
2. Backup complete site files & mySQL database - Download - and archive on server
3. Deleted all inactive plugins for security
4. Test website after upgrade of all plugins - on iPhone, Android, Desktop - Retina - Safari, Chrome, Firefox
5. Fixed post-upgrade Gallery formatting in Safari with all album gallery images overlapping (All Apple devices) - Test for possible incompatibility issue with Caching plugin - and issue with Safari not formatting 100% height on gallery images. Checked fixed on Safari Desktop and Mobile version of website.
5. Backup website files and database - pre Wordpress Core updates
6. Delete all inactive themes (security measure)
7. Run Wordpress Core update to version 5.7
8. Test website in major devices and browsers
9. Fixed minor formatting issue on homepage with YouTube embed overlapping with bottom of Modula gallery in Safari on iPhone.
10. Backup Upgraded - 100% perfect website

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
2.0 Ad-hoc technical consulting $75.00$150.00
Sub Total $150.00
No GST $0.00
Total Due $150.00
  • Account name: Leigh Canny
  • BSB: 082-656
  • Account No: 73-322-1118