49 Waratah Avenue
New South Wales 2780

Invoice Number INV-00062061CAN
Invoice Date January 18, 2021
Due Date January 25, 2021
Total Due $240.00
Direct Clutch

Major upgrade to Wordpress 5.6. Tested on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile. Major upgrade to theme. All plugins upgraded and tested. Install Envato plugin to enable upgrade of theme within Wordpress and receive notifications of upgrades available.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1.75 Major upgrade to Wordpress core files, theme and all plugins. Testing at each stage of the upgrade.
0.25 Add and remove Xmas closure dates from homepage $120.00$30.00
Sub Total $240.00
No GST $0.00
Total Due $240.00
  • Account name: Leigh Canny
  • BSB: 082-656
  • Account No: 73-322-1118