WordPress 5.3.2 – Amazing update for 2020


WordPress 5.3.2 is here. The first major update for 2020 and it is a corker. There are enhancements in this update that have been brewing for 7 years!

So there are a decent amount of bug and security fixes. This is officially a “short-cycle maintenance release“. But there are some really significant feature upgrades which kinda belies the label. Features like 150 new features and usability improvement for WordPress Blocks!

For example, now you can upload a totally unoptimised, high resolution (file-size wise) image from your phone and it will be automatically optimised to load super fast – with absolutely no effort. Out of the box with no special plugin.

This release is great news for anyone who wants their site to look design-perfect. There are new built-in tools for creating pages with panache. The group-block tool will enable you to divide your page into colourful sections.

There are new predefined layouts to give you sophisticated page designs – out-of-the-box! Most people didn’t need any more reasons to choose WordPress but we have them anyway. Is any other platform offering all this? For free?!?!

The free theme which comes automatically with WordPress now “Twenty Twenty” has also had some significant upgrades. If you love avoiding paying for a third party theme, then you definitely want to be checking this out.

With Twenty Twenty , there is a special new font to celebrate this year of clear vision. Designed by Rasmus Andersson, it’s a more flexible and faster loading font aimed at optimal readability. It the first time a Variable font has been offered with a free theme and it needs only two font files for all weights and variations.

Have fun with WordPress 5.3.2 – and don’t be fooled by the modesty of these developers. It’s a special one.